Abstracts of Cases Developed under Management in Practice PGP 1997-99

Rajagopalan, R (2001) Abstracts of Cases Developed under Management in Practice PGP 1997-99. TAPMI, Manipal.

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I am pleased to introduce the abstracts of these thirty-one cases developed by the students of pap 1997-99 of TAPMI, based on their Management in Practice (MIP) projects. It is one of the significant outputs of the collaborative efforts among TAPMI students, faculty and industry managers. It is a unique contribution of TAPMI to the pool of cases and teaching material useful for management education. TAPMI's MIP is by now four years old. TAPMI has been continuously refining the design of its MIP on the basis of its experience and feedback from organizations. . The main strength of these cases is that they deal with current issues faced by Indian industry. Depending on the opportunity and effort put in by each team, the richness and quality of these cases differ. However, case writing is not an easy job even for a veteran in academics. All these cases have been cleared by the respective organizations for academic use in TAPMI and elsewhere. We have not included in this volume, the abstracts of the cases which have not yet been cleared by the respective organizations; and those of the other types of teaching materials developed by the students of this batch, mostly in the form of technical notes. While some of these cases have already been test taught at TAPMI, these cases still need a lot of follow up work: rigorous language editing, trial teaching, preparation of teaching notes and revision on the basis of trial teaching. Nevertheless, they represent a significant intellectual contribution of these students, industry and faculty guides. TAPMI would be happy to send copies of these cases to those interested in exploring their academic use. I am currently preparing similar volumes of abstracts of MIP cases developed by the students of the PGP 1998-2000 batch. The volume containing the abstracts of cases developed by the 1999-2001 batch is also available. TAPMI is planning to make these cases available to other management institutes through printed volumes and through the net. As a person who has personally gone through all these cases more than once during their preparation, I have learnt a lot. On behalf of TAPMI, I express my sincere thanks to all the students, industry guides and faculty guides who have contributed to this effort, including those whose cases not yet cleared by the respective organizations for academic use.

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