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Alur, Sivakumar and Mukherjee, Sulagna and Prasad, Durga and Rangan, Srinivasan U (2017) Mysore Ghee Stores: Expansion Strategy for Clarified Butter Business. TAPMI, Manipal.


Bamel, Umesh Kumar (2017) Flipkart: Futuristic Organizational Structure. TAPMI, Manipal.

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Keerthana, Anumula and Doshi, Bhavin Rajesh and Teja, Sabbi Venkata and Pal, Shomdev (2017) GEWINNEN: Investment Diary 2017. TAPMI, Manipal.

Kidiyoor, Gururaj and Yatgiri, Prashant Y (2017) Kannada Movie Industry in India: Strategies for Survival. TAPMI, Manipal.

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Tapara, Archit Vinod and Dhaigude, Amol Subhash and Jaweda, Mohammad Shameem (2017) Customer Experience-Based Satisfaction and Behavioural Intention in Adventure Tourism: Exploring the Mediating Role of Commitment. Tourism Recreation Research.


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Yelamanchi, Kanishka (2017) Brandscan 2017: Study of Product Fit and Comfort through Product Testing for Brag's Portfolio. Project Report. TAPMI, Manipal. (Unpublished)

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